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Hyrv Story

Hyrv is a Tallinn based jewelry brand.
Hyrv’s founder and Creative Director Kateryna Pishon, whose signature is a new expression of the nature pure lines, implements a fresh and unique style to the jewelry crafting.

The collections are identified by Kateryna Pishon author’s design and attention to every single detail, with a strong emphasis on sculpture and a sustainable use of materials. They cover woman’s ready-to-wear jewelry, lots of rings with adjustable size design, earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

While working on collections and custom jewellery, the most important factor that Kateryna keeps in mind is the person who is going to wear it. As all Hyrv customers are different individuals, every custom-made item has its own story and character. This is what makes the process of creating custom jewellery so interesting and pleasurable.

All Hyrv jewellery pieces represent purity and minimalist, yet their essence is as complex as our souls.

“When it is yours, it is more than beautiful”

Kateryna Pishon

Creative director

Kateryna Pishon, the heart of Hyrv, was born in Tallinn and got her BA in Jewellery Design from Estonian Academy of Arts. After polishing her skills at Antwerp Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten (The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp), Kateryna worked in New York’s jewelry company. The above mentioned experience gave her freedom to develop her creativity by encouraging her to experiment with a variety of ideas, materials, processes and techniques.

Kateryna adores modern jewelry, because nowadays it offers a lot of interesting and alternative solutions.

In 2012 year she became a creative director at Hyrv jewelry.

Kateryna Pishon: “I design for a modern young people with a varied day. I love to design jewelry pieces that are chic and easy to wear but will also make you stand out.”