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Jewelry and perfumes have a lot in common.
Both jewelry making and perfume production are ancient arts and cultural, hence social and historical phenomenons. In early societies, jewelry and perfumes were worn as symbols of status, but also to bring luck, keep away illnesses, protect and seduce. A scent associated with a good experience can bring a rush of joy. The same is with jewelry – think about inherited jewelry pieces or engagement rings.

Perfumes and jewelry can evoke strong emotional responses. At Hyrv we want to bring those two worlds together and offer our clients opportunity to enjoy beauty and create memorable life experiences with two of our strongest influencing senses – visual and olfactory. We’ve carefully chosen the selection of perfumes we offer. As our jewelry is handmade and its design unique, it is important for us that the perfume houses we offer were conceptual, aesthetic, unique and uncompromisingly with high quality.   

Attache moi 55

attache moi 55


attache moi ici and la

Attache moi

Attache MOI

It was a time

it was a time attache moi

Essence du Serail


Cuir d'Orient


Fontaine Royale


Poudre Impériale


Perfume Alfa

Perfume Omega

Perfume Id