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Amber is one of the few precious substances on earth considered as a gem, which is not of mineral origin, but vegetative origin. It is a fossilized tree resin formed tens of millions of years ago and it took hundreds of climate changes to be formed. Legend says that amber was believed to provide magicians and sorcerers with special enhanced powers.

We use in our jewellery egg yolk amber from Baltic sea. Its bright fresh yellow colour brings youthfulness to the wearer.
In terms of appearance, amber is suitable for women with warm colour types for spring and autumn.


Your talisman or soul healing….

Jewellery has been worn from early times as a protection from the dangers of life and as a mark of status or rank. Amber was worn as amulets to preserve chastity and used as talismans to guard against evil.

Amber is believed to help to remove energy blockages and strengthen physical body. Amber stirs the soul, delights the eye, warms the heart and excites the world’s scientific imagination.