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Peruvian Opal


Peruvian opal is the national stone of Peru and can only be found in the Andes mountains.
The colour of Peru pink opal varies from light to bright pink and may be similar to a bright pink chalcedony.

The name “opal” is believed to have originated from India. In Sanskrit it was called upala, which translates as a “precious stone.”
Peruvian opal’s rosy glow reflects on wearers skin and makes it smoothly sweet.
The safest way to clean this stone is with warm, soapy water. Other cleaning methods might damage the opal or filler material.

Your talisman and soul healing…

We believe that each of Hyrv’s jewellery piece has a soul, because it’s made by human hands with positive and loving energy. We believe, that our jewellery bring good luck and harmony for its wearer.
Also, we cannot skip the spiritual meaning of stones we use, because each gem is a masterpiece created by Her Majesty – Mother Nature.

The Peruvian opal is believed to have soft relaxing energy. It is believed to remove the tension out of communication and helps to nurture the flow of ideas. It softens the impact of stress and can help one to release the trauma of old wounds. Peruvian opal is a perfect stone for those, who have insomnia.
For astrology enthusiasts – this gemstone suits best for Pisces, Taurus, Libra and Scorpio…