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Jewelry and perfumes have a lot in common. Both – jewelry and perfume-making are ancient forms of art and mysterious artifacts, hence historically cultural phenomenons. In the time of first civilizations, jewelry and perfumes were used as the symbols of status and were used in the rituals – to bring luck, keep away the illnesses, protect and seduce. A scent associated with a good experience can bring a rush of joy.
Jewelry possesses a similar effect – think of inherited gemstones, jewelry pieces, gifts or engagement rings.
Perfumes and jewelry can evoke strong emotional responses.
At Hyrv studio, we wanted to bring those two worlds together and offer our clients an opportunity to explore both worlds by experiencing the beauty
through the two of our strongest senses – visual and olfactory. As with the unique and hand-made jewelry offered, so is the selection of
perfume brands represented – exclusive, conceptual, unique, and uncompromisingly high quality.

Attache moi 55

attache moi 55


attache moi ici and la

Attache moi

Attache MOI

It was a time

it was a time attache moi

Essence du Serail


Cuir d'Orient


Fontaine Royale


Poudre Impériale


Perfume Alfa

Perfume Omega

Perfume Id

Perfume No 3

Perfume No 4

Perfume No 6

Perfume No 16

Perfume No 17

Perfume No 21

Migration de l'Arbre

La Tsarine

Madama Butterfly II

Duo des Fleurs