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The main problem in sustainability of jewelry manufacturing is harmful metal mining

methods, which involving surface soil removal combined with the usage of chemicals, can

cause its erosion, formation of sinkholes, loss of biodiversity, soil pollution along with

groundwater and surface waters, as well as the use of cheap labor.

The second major problem in the manufacture of jewelry are numerous production

processes, for example, different decorative treatments and use of synthetic inserts.

And the third basic harmful factor is the use of packaging and exhibition displays (for

storefronts) detrimental for the environment.

However, we try to reduce this careless impact of this business on the environment seriously.

How do we make it?

-We use only recycled silver.

-We use only natural stones or other natural decoration materials in our jewellery collections.

-We imply artisan methods (as much as possible) in our jewellery production – non-toxic and

low energy requirements.

-Our lovely packaging, made of recycled paper and cotton, is totally recycled, recyclable or

both. It looks so charming, that our clients do not throw it away and keep using it.

-All our collections are 3D printed, that increases efficiency in a significant way and reduces

unwanted waste.

-For polishing or matting silver surface we use walnut shells or other organic fillers.

-Also we care about the health of our employees, using all the required protection and very

responsible in the questions of safety.